Speed 1

I remember my first big bike, it was a powder blue ten speed with the curved handles wrapped in powder blue tape.  It was a great bike, it took me everywhere I wanted to go and gave me a freedom I didn’t previously have.  I could take it to the park or a nearby field [...]



I have been thinking.  With my necessity to avoid fragrance of any kind (deodorant, perfume, cologne or Febreze for example) I feel a bit like a goldfish in a fish bowl; I have my family with me, some water and a rocky bottom that is sometimes a bit unstable to stand on.  I am separate [...]

Dear Doctor,

Dear Doctor, I understand that you have worked hard to learn and know everything required to become a doctor.  You may also have years of experience to support what you know.  I respect all the effort and time you have put into this. BUT ~ I don't know you. Trust takes time to build and [...]