Re·fine: v. re·fined, re·fin·ing, re·fines

1. To reduce to a pure state; purify.
2. To free from coarse, unsuitable, or immoral characteristics: refined his manners; refined her speaking style.
1. To become free of impurities.
2. To acquire polish or elegance.
3. To use precise distinctions and subtlety in thought or speech.
Refined, me?  Hardly.
Yet the thought of being ‘reduced’ to a ‘pure’ state rings true.  We are told to be childlike or another word might be innocent.  Clean.  Of the world but not in the world.  How do we keep from becoming jaded?  How can we soften our hearts, lay ourselves open to the world around us and remain unhurt?
I want to become refined, but I am afraid.  To open myself up gives opportunity to be hurt.  How do I step beyond the fear?  I find answers in unlikely places.
My child, not so young anymore, steps forward into the unknown with confidence.  Did I help give her that?  How do I struggle so much yet help another fly?  I have listened to His Spirit as we have raised our children, I have felt strongly which things we should do and not do.  I have made many mistakes, and yet here she leads me.  Have I forgotten something in growing up?
Life was so much simpler when all I had to concern myself with was my art, and my wants.  I was also much more narrow, my ability to understand smaller, limited.  I don’t see this with my daughter, she is unlimited and steps beyond boundaries I could not move beyond till I was MUCH older than she is now.  Is it Christ?
She walks in light and so is protected.  It IS Christ.  He helps us be more, do more, because with Him we can be clean again.  Free, light able to move forward and be better tomorrow than we are today.  She walks in safety, so do I.
This is my attempt to move beyond fear.

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