Sometimes I need to refocus every few minutes.  Tonight we had the opportunity to take in a concert for the cost of donating some food.  It was a great concert, the music was different and extremely well done.  Be sure to watch the link below.

Leaving the house, driving in the car and getting to the concert were quite painful.  I have teens, and I need to keep reminding myself that I still love them even when they are quite un-love-able.  Is that a word?  I thought we were going to have a fun / good time at a concert – a treat on our budget of -zero.  As we were driving there all I could think was ‘I guess I was wrong.’  I remember all the times we took them as small children to these same concerts with no problem but becoming teenagers has caused them to loose their minds.  I want to enjoy them, I have to refocus and remind myself that it is worth the effort.

In the end, they all LOVED the concert and were giddy on the way home.  That is what I hope we all remember.



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