My favorite things…

I am totally taking this idea from a fun new (to me) blog I am following.  Please check out her list of favorite things and the giveaway she is offering!  Here is the link:

So here are few of my favorite things, in no particular order…

1.  Roasted marshmallows stuffed with chocolate chips.

2.  Making homemade treats especially homemade King Dongs or is it Ding Dons?

3.  Playing at the beach on Lake Michigan.

4.  Old books – they become my friends I share time with over an over again.

5.  Vinyl records – there is just something about the crackle and pop that brings back good memories of being young.

6.  Hat boxes – they always seem to hold something special.

7.  Creating – artwork, experiences, friendships.

8.  Watching my teens have fun together.

9.  Veggies from the garden.

10.  My 1960’s reused bamboo pie shaped patio chairs.

11.  The color red, especially deep scarlet.

12.  Clocks, especially the old round topped grandfather kind, but cool ones for the walls are great too!

My family wants to eat so I will have to add more later!  🙂

Ok, I am back!

13.  My scriptures and the joy I feel as I learn and grow closer to my Heavenly Father.

14.  Baby animals of all kinds, ok, except spiders!

15.  My grandmother’s old octagon shaped cast aluminum pancake pan.  She gave me one of hers and I think of her daily as I use it.  She could make the most amazing shaped pancakes, we never came up with one she couldn’t flip even when it was as big as the pan!  Grandma, you are amazing, I hope I grow up just like you.

16.  Bug free backyards – yeah Mosquito Barrier!

17.  Being held by my husband.

18.  A great deal at a garage sale.

19.  Warm quilts on a cool night.

20.  Playing in the first winter snow.

21.  Putting out my manger scene each Christmas.

22.  Traveling – someday I want to see & experience everything!

23.  James Taylor, Basia, Beatles, India Arie, Scotty McCreery, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Peter, Paul & Mary, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Grateful Dead, Alabama, REM, Pat Benatar.

I could keep going as this is the tip of the iceberg but it is time to sleep and consider more of my favorite things so that I might talk of them and my children will know the things I love.


One thought on “My favorite things…

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  1. Thanks for stopping by I’m so glad you liked the list. I love reading about peoples favorite things and I’m dying to see your patio chairs, they sound amazing.
    P.S. you will be entered for every comment – you went all out with your list I think that gets extra entries!

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