It’s a beautiful day

Quiet.  Calm.  Peaceful. 

A visit with a son.

Industry.  Beauty.  Joy.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with myself.  It is not a place I get to visit for long periods of time in daily life.  Four days; the first in 18 years.  Four days; I get to think, ponder, be calm and not rush.  What a beautiful gift.

Am I doing anything special?  Not really.  I am doing those things that I can’t ever seem to fit in to the caring for my family and running here and there.  Doing without interruption.  Thinking.  Thinking about everything, and thinking about nothing.


  • I am so fortunate
  • I have a wonderful husband who loves me, respects me, and knows when to tell me I am full of it (this is way more frequent than I like)
  • I have a son who enjoys choosing the hard path, but will be ok anyway – for this I am grateful
  • I have daughters who bring joy, hardship, entertainment, & a personal education (so as to stay at least one step ahead of them) to my life
  • I have friends who call and check up on me, who love and care for me, hopefully ignoring my many flaws
  • I have friends who I love and care for, who, if they have flaws I do my best to ignore
  • I have His spirit with me, guiding me, helping me step beyond my “natural man”

Today I worked.  I didn’t accomplish all that I wished and I broke a tool that I had to then replace, but it was all so good.

Because of this work…

  • My family & I will be able to venture outdoors at night and in the early morning without being eaten alive by mosquitos
  • My garden is weeded and the plants may finally get in the ground tomorrow
  • A clear path was laid by the box gardens
  • I was able to visit with a friend and help her with her kitten
  • I will feel younger because my hair is the right color!  🙂

Creating order.  At times this is so hard to reach, but for today possible.

It is a beautiful day.


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