Grateful for Daughters

I am grateful for my daughters.  They are so special, they both are hard working and thoughtful but go about it in different ways.  I am learning the best ways to help them be successful as I watch them grow and see the choices they make.  I figure I will have it all worked out by the time they are on their own.  Ha!

I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.  ~3Witness for His name John 1:4

I love this piece of artwork by Doc Christensen.  It speaks of who we really are and the way we need to protect ourselves with the ‘whole armor of God.’  All of our daughters can be strong and valiant, just as this shows.  It comes from who we really are. As I look at my daughters I am so grateful for the good choices they are making even when it is hard. They are great about listening to and following His spirit.  They individually choose to read their scriptures each day so that they can stay close to Him. They are each working on their personal progress to help them become the women they want to be. I am beginning to see glimpses of the women they will be.  It is happening in the small choices they make and character building moments day by day. Thank you Heavenly Father for how great they are!  Thank you for trusting me enough to love them and help them here on earth.


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