My son


I am so proud of the choices that my son is making, he is becoming a man before my eyes.  I am grateful that he knows Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ and hope that someday soon he will recognize them working in his life.


My son.  He has so many roles to play in his life; son, brother, grandson, hard working employee, friend.  I imagine his future also involving  husband, father, lover of Christ, and Priesthood holder.  When I think of all he is right now, I am grateful.  He is kind, fun, hard working and good; he is learning to make good choices for himself and his future.  While he makes mistakes like all of us, he is learning and growing from them in a good way.  When I look forward with hope of who he will be, I am grateful.

Grateful as a parent for guidance from His spirit to help us lead and guide our son to the place he needed to go.  Grateful that He helped us make the hard choices and do what was necessary; that He made it possible.  I am grateful that Heavenly Father has stepped in and taught our son where we were unable.  I am grateful for a son who is beginning to find a humble heart.  I am grateful for the wonderful spirit that is my son.

Heavenly Father is lifting my son, while my son is finding himself.  Some day soon (I hope) my son will once again find his Father in Heaven.



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