Two and a half Months

July began huge personal changes for me.

In July my wonderful boss died suddenly.  His death is such a loss and with him and partly because of my illness went the joy in my work.

A little over a couple of months have gone by and everything is different, and not better – worse.

With the death of my boss, my job has become less-than.  I am no longer expected to be more, to strive.  It is a union position and I have been limited to my job description.  No joy or self satisfaction in my work, just mind numbingly dull data crunching that most anyone can do and doing what anyone asks me, like putting meetings on a calendar.

Doctor visits and drugs with no end in sight.

Not being able to go out in public to see a movie or eat out.  Will I ever be able to travel???  I have done what was asked of me, always with the goal of traveling and serving when I was older.  Now I fear I will never get the opportunity.


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