Missing Church & Anaphylactic Reactions

Written on January 19, 2017 at 7pm

I so want to go back to church.

Last week I was doing better, the latest drug is doing its job. I thought maybe I could go to church. I went early and hid out in a room away from everyone. I kept the doors closed, listened through a speaker and oh how I enjoyed the meeting.

Then I tried to leave early so I wouldn’t bump into anyone. The idea was to stay away from people and fragrances of all kinds since I am still reacting to almost everything. I came out the first door and the second was open. I was surprised and inhaled; I inhaled a super strong perfume. I knew I was in trouble but inhaled again to hold my breath until I could get outside.

My doctor taught me that these exposures layer on each other.

The next day I go to work, despite having an air purifier on my desk there are several fragrances in the hall I work in. I was exposed to them several times as a necessity of doing my job. I was also exposed to a chemical fragrance in the lobby where I work for the same reason. I struggled that night and ended up missing work the next day. I thought “I can get through this” and went to work on Wednesday, not the easiest day but I did get through it.

Today due to my insurance refusing to pay for the rescue inhaler that has been working for me I used the new one, ProAir – not connecting that the ethanol in the inhalant had corn in it. I had an extreme reaction (anaphylactic) to it and am grateful for the doctors at UHS right across the street from where I work. Shots and more drugs later I am shaking, sick and exhausted, but my throat has stopped swelling and I can breathe. My husband and daughter picked me and the car up. He dealt with getting me a nebulizer (a machine that helps me inhale albuterol to reduce swelling) and all the medicine approved by insurance, so his work day is shot too. It is only now (7pm – this happened at 9am this morning) that I can even think, albeit through a severe headache.

Tomorrow however there are more calls to make as we need to prove to the insurance, CVS Caremark, that I REALLY NEED a specific rescue inhaler – and I am just not up to it.

Learning Asthma & Allergic Reactions, class 201. I wish I didn’t know.


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