Update on Me and Insurance

It has been a rough week.
I am now on 8 medications and a shot just to keep breathing.  On the up side after two days of hassle the insurance company approved my safe rescue inhaler for a year.  Only a year then I have to go and have it re-approved again.  Crazy world we live in where I have to get special approval to take a medication that is safe for me instead of one that could kill me.

I am grateful that the drugs exist and that I have an urgent care across the street from my office at work.  I was in no shape to drive when my throat started swelling, particularly since I don’t even know where the emergency room near where I work is.

Heavenly Father has me in hand.  I have felt the blessing of prayers on my behalf and I am so grateful for that too.  I am grateful for individuals that take the time to think of me, pray for me and my family and send me snail mail to help me stay positive and to let me know what is going on in their lives.

Yesterday had a wonderfully bright spot!  My husband and I decided to go to the Temple of our church in spite of my health issues.  We went early hoping many would be staying home to sleep in on a Saturday.  We were right!  I had prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me be able to go to the Temple and to have no issues with my breathing/asthma.  We were going to do work for our ancestors, sealing husbands and wives to each other and them to their children.  There was such a spirit in the room, His spirit.  We could feel those we were doing the work for, and the biggest blessing?  We were the only patrons there.  It was so unusual to have only two people in a session, so we asked was anyone else signed up?  We were told that TEN others had also signed up but we were the only ones there.

TEN, ten people who didn’t come because I needed that moment.

If I was ever unsure of just how much Heavenly Father loves me and how much I matter to Him, this was a sweet and strong reminder.  I do matter and He is aware of my circumstances and while I can not see the big picture, He can.  He will see me through this, He will support my husband and daughters and help them not only be able to help me when I need it but to know what to do to help.  His Spirit fills my heart and is present in our home.  What a tremendous gift.  Yes I need 9 drugs in my system to breathe, but I am loved by God, my family and friends.

I am so blessed.



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