Am I Chronically Ill?

Yes, I am.

How did that happen?  I was well.  I remember it.  July 30th, 2016 was my last ‘normal’ day.

Will my health improve?  I have hope it will, but every day is a battle right now. The doctor keeps telling me that this could take years and to be patient.

The result of this change is that my life has become very small.  I do have choices, but they are choices like:

  1. Will I be obedient and take the 7 medications I need to breathe today?
  2. Will I take a nap instead of eating lunch so I can function and drive home safely from work today?
  3. Will I rest when I get home or fix dinner?  My poor husband.  I am so grateful he is ok with simple meals – eggs or grilled cheese have become a staple.
  4. How will I bring joy into my life now that everything I thought I was and enjoyed is taken away?

Who will I be a year from now?

This article speaks to the issues I now find myself facing.  Please take the time to read it and I hope that it will help you to understand a bit.



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