The Day I Stop Reading Others’ Words

I love to read, and re-read, I fill my time with the words and visions of others.  I get a great deal of joy from it, but it is a bit of an escape from the struggles in my life. Maybe that is wrong thinking. Today (2/25/2017) I will begin to fully feel my struggles. ... Continue Reading →



I have been thinking.  With my necessity to avoid fragrance of any kind (deodorant, perfume, cologne or Febreze for example) I feel a bit like a goldfish in a fish bowl; I have my family with me, some water and a rocky bottom that is sometimes a bit unstable to stand on.  I am separate... Continue Reading →

Dear Doctor,

Dear Doctor, I understand that you have worked hard to learn and know everything required to become a doctor.  You may also have years of experience to support what you know.  I respect all the effort and time you have put into this. BUT ~ I don't know you. Trust takes time to build and... Continue Reading →

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