I wonder, was I an artist before I came to live on earth?

I am drawn to create, to make, to build – to do.  I like to get my hands dirty and create beauty that brings a smile or lightens a load.  This seems to be something I came to this earth with since I can not remember being without the desire to “do.”

My personal “do over”

In 1994, just three short weeks after being married I was baptised and became a true follower of Jesus Christ.  I am far from perfect, but try to be a little better today than yesterday – so far it seems to be working!  🙂  My life prior to baptism was filled with hardship and uncertainty, but I feel as though I have been given a second chance – a “do over” since joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I have joy and guidance, certainty where there used to be confusion, and healing.  My path is not always easy, but I now allow Heavenly Father a place in my decisions and as a result they are better ones, ones that help me be happy and have joy.

Artist Interrupted

I feel as though I have a Life with interruptions of Art.  I think I would like to change that, to make Art more of a daily presence that is interrupted by Life.  I want to share my joy of creating with my husband and our teens, help them to be a part of it and find a place in it for themselves.  I no longer have diapers to change and mouths to wash, I need to find a place to fill my Self, my Art.

So, journey along with me as I weave church, family, & love, with Art and find a way to fill my Self and hopefully others as well.


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