Depression & Facebook

Depression for me was inevitable.  I worked hard to stay positive to keep it at bay but eventually my limitations and illness became too much and I succumbed.  In many ways depression is an acceptable step in the process of my illness.  How else do you respond to losing normal activity, contact with people and... Continue Reading →


Have I done any good in the world today?

When you find yourself home bound with limited energy and an inability to connect with people face to face, answering this question is very hard.  Everything in my life is different now. I desperately want to engage with people, but if I do I put my health at risk.  I used to serve daily; I... Continue Reading →

Speed 1

I remember my first big bike, it was a powder blue ten speed with the curved handles wrapped in powder blue tape.  It was a great bike, it took me everywhere I wanted to go and gave me a freedom I didn’t previously have.  I could take it to the park or a nearby field... Continue Reading →


I have been thinking.  With my necessity to avoid fragrance of any kind (deodorant, perfume, cologne or Febreze for example) I feel a bit like a goldfish in a fish bowl; I have my family with me, some water and a rocky bottom that is sometimes a bit unstable to stand on.  I am separate... Continue Reading →

Dear Doctor,

Dear Doctor, I understand that you have worked hard to learn and know everything required to become a doctor.  You may also have years of experience to support what you know.  I respect all the effort and time you have put into this. BUT ~ I don't know you. Trust takes time to build and... Continue Reading →

Am I Chronically Ill?

Yes, I am. How did that happen?  I was well.  I remember it.  July 30th, 2016 was my last 'normal' day. Will my health improve?  I have hope it will, but every day is a battle right now. The doctor keeps telling me that this could take years and to be patient. The result of... Continue Reading →

Finally Feeling a Bit Better

Written Wednesday, Jan 26th. Last night as I lay in bed, instead of being exhausted, for the first time since my anaphylactic reaction last Thursday morning I was clear headed and could think. Today, my clear thinking remains but I am tired.  It is so nice to be back, to have my mental capacity full... Continue Reading →

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