Update on Me and Insurance

It has been a rough week. I am now on 8 medications and a shot just to keep breathing.  On the up side after two days of hassle the insurance company approved my safe rescue inhaler for a year.  Only a year then I have to go and have it re-approved again.  Crazy world we [...]



Typed a month ago but forgot to publish: Grandma died and I spent Mother's Day at the funeral home. My boss died in mid-july and I still miss him terribly.  With him went vison, hope and joy in my work. This past weekend my good friend died, expected or not it hurts.   She watched out for [...]

Two and a half Months

July began huge personal changes for me. In July my wonderful boss died suddenly.  His death is such a loss and with him and partly because of my illness went the joy in my work. A little over a couple of months have gone by and everything is different, and not better - worse. With the death of my boss, my job has [...]


I don't want to be the person who is afraid to go outside, to go to the store, to hug friends.   But I am becoming her.   Yesterday I was afraid to hug some people I saw for fear of reacting and not being able to breathe.  I found myself saying hi but stepping [...]


Febreze is of the devil - to me at least. It is everywhere.  Church, the store, friend's homes, cars even in laundry soap and garbage bags. How can I have a life and avoid it?  Will I ever be able to get on a plane?  Just last night I reacted to a family who was [...]